The story of the cum-lauders (part-12): Have I ever felt regret, took the wrong course?

Fauzi Ahmad Yusup, former Head of BEM HIMAGRIN (Agro-Industry Student Association), who recently obtained his Bachelor of Education degree after passing the online trial exam on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, regrets and feels that he has chosen the wrong study program.

“Honestly, the first time I entered the Agro-industrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program, in 2016, I felt that the study program was wrong, sorry, and not” the real me.” “In the early days of lectures, I felt demotivated to some extent disturbing my enthusiasm for learning, so I tried to return to the SBMPTN and was accepted in one of the majors (FPMIPA UPI). However, parents are aware of being responsible and completing everything that has been taken”.

Finally, this student, who was born in Bandung on November 6, 1997, tried to enjoy his studies at PTAg, with its various dynamics. He did various things during his time as a student, ranging from formal to non-formal activities. So it’s no wonder if he is quite active in various student organizations. The student, who has a unique hobby, namely social media content analysis and public speaking, is active as a UPI Campus Ambassador (Bumi Siliwangi Social Media Ambassador 2017), Tourism Ambassador Kab. West Bandung (2017), Member of MPM REMA UPI (2018-2019), Secretary of the Department of Organizational Development of BPO KM FPTK UPI (2019), Chair of the Public Relations Division of the Putra Putri Bumi Siliwangi Community of UPI (2017-2018), and General Chair of BEM HIMAGRIN (2018 -2019). Currently, the alumni of SMAN 1 Gununghalu are trusted to be the Head of the Public Relations Division of the Mojang Jajaka Association of West Bandung Regency (February 2020-present). Apart from that, he is also usually involved in several non-formal activities such as being a Master of Ceremony (MC), moderator and being a speaker at several activities.

“Extraordinary. Sometimes I wonder whether when I study elsewhere, I will feel the same “amazing” or not. All of this is not only thanks to me, but of course my parents, family, and all parties who, directly or indirectly, are always by my side to support and pray, and thank God everything can run smoothly”.

The son of the couple, Mr. Iing and Mrs. Cucun Rosida, is grateful to have parents who never impose certain targets, who only want their sons to develop their full potential during college. His parents just told him to always do his best at every opportunity, wherever they are. “In the eyes of the earth being trampled on, that’s where the sky is upheld.” Finally, Fauzi managed to prove himself with the best version. Graduated on time, 8 semesters, became one of the first graduates in his class with cum laude predicate, with a GPA of 3.54.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy and grateful. I never imagined that I could achieve all of this. During college, I just tried to be the best version I had; sometimes, I didn’t care about GPA, the important thing was that the value was according to my efforts. And ability or not. But I believe, apart from my own efforts, there is tremendous strength from my parents, family, people around me, and of course the permission of Allah SWT”.

Life without problems and difficulties seems impossible, and this is what Fauzi experienced. He assessed that economic problems are one of the most vital problems, especially because they need for learning increases along with the increase in the semester level. He outsmarted it by taking several jobs to meet college and daily needs. In addition, he also received a scholarship from Toyota Astra. 

Students who aspire to become teachers have the principle that when they have stepped on a path, they must finish it, not avoid it, or even be abandoned. Whatever choice he makes, there will be risks; it remains how to be grateful and responsible. 

“If you have trouble, just face it. In fact, the problems that are avoided will grow like weeds. It will continue to grow, disturb the main crop, even kill it. So, just face the problem and keep God involved in all your affairs”.

Is there a message for his junior?

“You have to know who you are, what your goals are, for what, and who you are here for. Thus we can realize that everything that is done is a form of responsibility that must be done very well. There will always be motivated to do good and do the best. And there will always be reasons to move forward, even if a little. Always present yourself in the best possible version, take as many lessons as you can, and spread it in your life”.

Stay enthusiastic and spread kindness wherever you are. Congratulations. Barakallah.