PTAg students again won 2nd place for FPTK Outstanding Students

Mawapres PTAg again won second place in the faculty level mawapres (outstanding student) selection which was held on Monday, January 29, 2018 at the UPI FPTK hall. Lili Nailufhar won 100.69 points, 6 points difference from FPTK’s 1st rank mawapres. This point is what led him to achieve the same achievement as PTAg Mawapres in 2017. This achievement is certainly obtained with maximum effort, starting from the idea of compiling scientific papers that contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the journey to get appreciation as program-level outstanding students.

Everything that is done starts with three words which are the motto of this student’s life, namely prayer, trust and belief. With confidence that can be achieved by everyone, it will always carry the belief that everything will be done, of course, accompanied by prayers that are always said.

The selection of outstanding students at the faculty level gave a beautiful impression to Lili Nailufhar. The presentation of a scientific paper entitled “Biocharcoal Production Based on Banana Peel to be an Adsorbent of Heavy Metal for Cleaned Water Processing”, was successfully presented by Lili in English and Arabic which attracted the attention of the jury (FPTK mawapres selection assessment team).

In addition, the opportunity to speak Korean at the interview session gave Lili the opportunity to showcase her talents in multiple languages. The assessment team was touched when Lili recited the holy verse of the Koran after one of the assessment teams asked her to continue reading one of the verses of the Koran. In the interview session it was revealed that this hijab student had memorized the Koran since she was in school in Aceh. Hopefully istiqomah.

The mawapres selection process also provided interesting new experiences for Lili, because she could get acquainted with outstanding students from other majors at FPTK. This experience made Lili realize that intelligence is not only limited to academic values, but soft skills, communication skills, and appreciation for achievement are a complete unit that a student must have.

Lili advised that everything must be well prepared, that getting a high GPA is not enough, the many achievements that are recognized at the international and national levels are an added value that is of great concern. Good foreign language skills are also one of the keys in assessing outstanding students.

Congratulations Lili on the achievement, barakallah …

Hopefully it can inspire other Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program students to always be enthusiastic and willing to give up in improving and showing all their competences.

-ShM & MNH-