LKTIN AGROFEST’s new champion 9

The grand final of the LKTIN (National Scientific Writing Competition) AGROFEST 9 was successfully held on Thursday, November 9, 2017. This year’s LKTIN raised the theme of creative strategies towards a Food Loss and Food Waste Free Indonesia. This activity is one of a series of events in the 9th AGROFEST (Agroindustry for Education Science and Technology) which is an annual program of HIMAGRIN (Agro-Industry Student Association).

Finalists from various universities and high schools in Indonesia previously held a technical meeting with the LKTIN AGROFEST 9 committee on Wednesday afternoon, November 8, 2017. Finalists are the best teams who have gone through the abstract selection stage and full paper scientific papers.

In the grand final of the university level LKTIN, 10 teams were selected from various universities in Indonesia, including ITB, UNPAD, UNEJ (Jember State University), UNDIP Semarang, UNSOED Purwokerto, and UGM. All finalists were given the opportunity to present their papers in front of the jury of LKTIN AGROFEST 9 university level, namely Dr. Marleen Sunyoto who is a PKM Dikti reviewer is also experienced as a PIMNAS judge, Dr. Tantan Widiantara, ST, MT. (Lecturer of Food Technology UNPAS) and Shinta Maharani, S.TP, M.Si (Lecturer at PTAg UPI).

The grand final of LKTIN for SMA level also came from SMAs in Indonesia who passed the selection stage, namely SMA Talenta Bandung, SMAN 11 Garut, SMK PPN Tanjung Sari Sumedang, SMKN 1 Cibadak, SMKN 2 Kediri, SMAN 1 Kuta Bali, SMAN 12 Banda Aceh and SMA Unsyiah Aceh Labschool. The entire team also presented their scientific work in front of the jury, namely Thomas Ghozali, Ir., MP. (UNPAS Food Technology Expert), Fitri Khoerunnisa, S.Pd., M.Si. Ph.D (UPI Chemistry Lecturer), Dewi Nur Azizah, S.TP., M.P. (Lecturer at PTAg UPI).

LKTIN AGROFEST 9 has produced new champions at both the university and high school levels. The team from UGM on behalf of Dimas Sandy Dary Ramdhani managed to become the first winner of the university level LKTIN with the title “PICOS (Pitaya Controlled Storage): Dragon Fruit Storage Machine Innovation to Increase the Selling Value of Indonesian Plantation Products” and was entitled to get cash worth Rp. 5,000,000 also trophies and merchandise. The second winner of LKTIN was won by a team from UNEJ on behalf of Bustani with the title “SO-FOAM: Using Sugarcane Dregs Waste as an Environmentally Friendly Styrofoam Replacement Packaging” which was entitled to cash of Rp. 4000,000, while the third winner was won by Afandi Faris from ITB with the title “Delay Ripening Concept Design on Bananas with the Ethylene Photocatalytic Method by Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)”, and was entitled to cash of Rp. 3000,000.

Rina Indriyani Nurfadilah from SMAN 11 Garut won 1st place in the LKTIN for SMA level, with the title “FLABENING (Rice Bran and Pumpkin Flakes): Innovation of Cereals as Alternative Food Products Sources of Nutrition, Fiber and Antioxidants that are Practical, Profitable and Easy to Consume” are entitled to a trophy. , merchandise and cash worth Rp. 4,000,000. Second place was won by Anak Agung Bagus Putra Indrakusuma from SMAN 1 Kuta with the title “AVODITY (Avocado Seed Candy for Health) as a Solution to Utilize Avocado Seed Waste in the Form of Nutrient Rich Candy” who is entitled to cash in amounting to IDR 3,000,000 Elaine Keisha Johan from Bandung Talenta High School won 3rd place with the title of Scientific Work “Papaya Seed Processing Innovation for Worms in Curing Chocolate Bars” which was entitled to cash of Rp. 2,000,000.

All LKTIN AGROFEST finalists also had the opportunity to have a field trip to the national education museum as well as to the geology museum, after participating in the grand final of LKTIN.

Congratulations to the new champions of LKTIN AGROFEST 9. Hopefully it will increase the spirit of achievement and contribute to the Indonesian progress.