KAESANG delivers PTAg students as PMW recipients

PMW (Entrepreneurial Student Program) is one of the coaching programs organized by UPI in order to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among UPI students. The PMW program is intended to help students gain knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial skills that lead to efforts to create new jobs.

All students have the opportunity to submit entrepreneurial proposals to be fostered and given venture capital assistance. PTAg study program students were successfully appointed as participants to receive PMW funds based on UPI chancellor’s decision Number 8635 / UN40 / KM / 2017 concerning UPI PMW Recipients in 2017. Therefore, Nani Yuliani, Lili Nailufhar, and Divya Rizkiyani have the right to do business. capital of Rp. 10,000,000 to carry out business activities from the entrepreneurial proposal they has submitted, namely KAESANG (Banana Chips and Banana Skin Chips).