HIMAGRIN successfully held AGROFEST 9

Since Wednesday, November 8, 2017, students from the Agroindustrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program have been seen welcoming guests from various universities in Indonesia as well as vocational students who will take part in the LKTIN (national scientific writing competition) and SFQ (Smart Food Quiz). Several other PTAg students are busy preparing for the annual HIMAGRIN (Agro Industry Student Association), AGROFEST. In 2017, AGROFEST (Agroindustri for Education Science and Technology) was the ninth HIMAGRIN held.

AGROFEST 9 will be held from Thursday 9 November to Saturday 11 November 2017 at the UPI Bandung campus. The series of AGROFEST 9 activities began with the grand final of the LKTIN at the tertiary level and SMA / SMK and SFQ which was officially opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of FPTK, Dr. Iwa Kuntadi.

On the second day, Friday 10 November 2017, the AGROFEST 9 committee presented 3 experts in a national seminar with the theme “Creative Strategies for Realizing Indonesia as a Food Loss and Food Waste Free Country”. The National Seminar on AGROFEST 9 which took place in the JICA FPMIPA UPI hall was officially opened by the Deputy Chancellor of UPI, Dr. Edi Suryadi, M.Si and attended by the Dean of the FPTK as well as the Head of the UPI Agro Industrial Technology Education Study Program (PTAg). Director of the IPB Business School, Arief Daryanto, PhD. attended as a resource person for the first session of the seminar moderated by Mustika NH, S.TP., M.Pd. According to the resource person who is also an Adjunct Professor, Business School, University of New England, Australia, efforts to create a Food Loss and Food Waste free country can be carried out with various approaches, starting from production (plant cultivation), post handling and storage of harvests, to packaging, and distribution to the consumption stage.

Prof. FG. Winarno, a Professor of Food IPB, was present as a resource person for the 2nd Session of the AGROFEST 9 National Seminar, which was moderated by Shinta Maharani, S.TP., M.Sc. Prof. Winarno gave inspiration about efforts to transform waste into rupiah. According to him, some agricultural waste such as rice waste and rice mills, coconut waste, agricultural insect waste have the potential to be used as feed and feed. For example, bran which is a waste from rice mills has the potential to be used as food and functional drinks because of its antioxidant content, as well as meat analogues because of its hypoallegenic nature.

In the last session of the national seminar, Ridwan Kamil will actually attend. However, because she was unable to attend, she was represented by Mrs. Elly Washliyah from the Bandung City Agriculture Office. He delivered material on government policies in response to Food Loss and Waste, guided by a moderator for PTAg alumni who are currently studying their master’s degrees, Indah Khoerunnisa, S.Pd Alhamdulillah, the three speakers have provided inspiration and valuable insights for hundreds of participants. who enthusiastically participated in the national seminar AGROFEST 9.

The series of activities AGROFEST 9 closed with FESAFOR (Agrofest Art Performance) which is an art performance from AGROFEST 9. The theme of this event is “AFTERSLOW” (Agrofest Concert of Sustainable Living Without Trash). FESAFOR which took place on Saturday, November 11, 2017, in the parking lot of the National Museum of UPI, was enlivened by entertainment arts performances from UPI UKMs and cabaret performances from PTAg class 2017. FESAFOR was also enlivened by one of the guest stars namely Mustache and Beard.

Alhamdulillah, it is reported that AGROFEST 9 has been successfully held. Hopefully it will benefit the community and contribute to education and the progress of Indonesian agriculture.