Agromeda 2019: Student Creativity Event

At the end of 2019, on Sunday, December 29, 2019, Agromeda activities were held. This activity was held in the Dago Car Free Day (CFD) area, precisely in front of the St. Borromeus Hospital Bandung. This activity was attended by 53 students of the UPI Agricultural Industrial Technology Education study program, consisting of 6 students of class 2016 and 47 students of course 2017.

The Agromeda activity is the final assessment of the Vegetable and Fruit Processing Technology course presented by Dewi Nur Azizah, S.T.P., M.P. In this activity there are 8 groups, each of which consists of 6-7 students. Each group is required to make 1 processed food product based on broccoli and watermelon.

Processed products made from broccoli are noodles, sistik, nuget, and ekado, while watermelon produces processed products such as candied skin, jam, ice cream, and pudding. All of these products are distributed free of charge to people who are walking or exercising along Jalan Dago.

With the existence of Agromeda, it is hoped that students can be creative and the community will get to know more about watermelon and broccoli-based food diversification. Hopefully this activity can be useful for students in particular and society in general.

Contributor: DNA