Students of the Agricultural Industry Technology Education Study Program were selected as 1st Winner of FPTK Outstanding Students in 2020

Sarah Istiqomah Widiaputri, student of the Agro-industrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program was selected as the first winner of MAPRES (outstanding student) FPTK (Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education) in the Faculty level Pilmapres (Achievement Student Selection) held on Friday, February 7, 2020 on campus UPI FPTK. The results of the pilmapres were also delivered in a ceremony Monday morning, February 17, 2020 at the FPTK ceremony field. In the pilmapres, Sarah competed with 10 other selected students who were mapres from each study program in FPTK. Several months earlier, this student who was born in Bandung, February 5, 1999 had been selected as the first winner of the PTAg mapres in the mawapres audition.

The hijab student who hobbies drawing, reading books and watching films gave an excellent impression in front of the jury as well as the audience when presenting her scientific paper entitled “Utilization of Bio-foam Based on Tapioca Industrial Waste (Onggok and Cassava Peel) in Creating Environmentally Friendly Packaging to Achieve SDGs) 2030 ″. According to Sarah, the use of industrial tapioca waste as raw material in making biofoam needs to be done to reduce environmental pollution and increase the use value and economic value of tapioca industrial waste. Packaging innovation is essential to support the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) including the 9th and 12th goals to promote sustainable food systems.

An interesting thing that surfaced in the pilmapres was when Sarah opened a presentation in Japanese, an exhibition and questions and answers regarding scientific papers in English and her introduction during an interview session in French. This student, who is quite adept at designing, admits that he is happy to learn languages and has a dream to continue his studies outside Indonesia.

Furthermore, he must fight at the Pilmapres University level as a representative of the FPTK. Congratulations and Fighting!

We proud of you.

Barakallah (mnh)