Agrintalks (seri#1): HIRA

Agrintalks is a new program in Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program. It is a sharing session of knowledge and experiences with professionals and academics. The first session (Saturday, 27 March 2021), an industry practitioner, M. Amin (Biodiesel Plant Engineer), presented HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment) or safety risk management.

HIRA is a systematic evaluation of workplace or other activities which identifies the hazards present and gives an estimate of risks involved in any event. The HIRA steps consist of: 1) identifying all hazards; 2) list of top event incidents; 3) list consequences; 4) hazard register; 5) risk assessment; 6) threats; 7) barriers; 8) recovery measures; 9) complete hazard analysis, hazards & effect register; 10) recommendations.

At the agrintalks held online, the speaker emphasized that safety is a responsibility of all parties. “Safety really is about attitude. Make 100% Safe Behavior your choice both ON and OFF the job”

Hopefully all students are able to increase their understanding in Occupational Health & Environment course and implement safety in their life.