Universiti Putra Malaysia visited the PTAg Study Program

Last Monday, December 4 2017, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Agricultural Science Education Study Program (BPSP) held a scientific visit to FPTK, particularly to the Agro-industrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program. The UPM group consisting of 20 students and 1 lecturer was warmly welcomed by the FPTK Dean, the Head of the PTAg Study Program, the FPTK Public Relations team, as well as lecturers and students of the PTAg Study Program. Dr. Azwan who led the UPM group expressed his gratitude for his remarks and explained that this scientific visit was intended to find out about the curriculum, the teaching and learning system in the Agro-industrial Technology Education undergraduate program.

On the scientific visit, the head of the PTAg study program, Dr. Yatti Sugiarti, MP. convey the profile of the PTAg study program as well as the curriculum and learning system in the agro-industrial technology education bachelor program. In addition, the UPM group had the opportunity to directly visit the learning facilities in the PTAg study program accompanied by the Head of the PTAg Study Program, as well as the PTAg laboratory assistant when visiting the laboratory to see practicum on spice processing technology and fresheners. UPM students were very enthusiastic, especially when PTAg students accompanied the group to get around the UPI campus using UPI operational cars known as odong-odong. “Seronok is really able to go around UPI, it’s full of people, friendly, when you can go back to playing with Indonesia :)”, commented one UPM student.

The visit was closed with lunch together and a group photo, both the BPSP UPM bacelor program and the PTAg study program hoped that in the future good relations and cooperation could be even closer.