The Story of the Cum Lauders (Part – 6): Mandate will not choose the wrong shoulder

“Indeed, the mandate will not make the wrong choice of shoulders,” that word was always in her mind, as long as she lived his campus life at UPI.

For Lani Meita Indah Furi, lectures and assignments, practicum and practicum reports, industrial practice at one of the leading dairy companies in Indonesia, agro-industrial research, KKN, PPL practice at SMK, thesis research are her mandates as a student. . Being active in the Agro-Industry Student Association (HIMAGRIN) since she was young, joining a series of cadres to become chairman of the finance department is a mandate that gives her valuable experience and teaches what it means to learn. Learning for a Muslimah who was born in Bandung, May 11, 1996 was not only when she was studying and became an ordinary student. Its activities in student organizations are one of the most valuable lessons in interacting, communicating, collaborating, and solving problems together.

Another mandate for students who aspire to become teachers and entrepreneurs is to provide peace to mothers who have been given the mandate of trials from Allah SWT since attending SMAN 15 Bandung until now. Since that period, more than 5 years, her mother had to undergo dialysis twice at a hospital in Bandung, because of kidney problems.

“Actually, when I was in high school, I had a lot of dreams to be able to study at a university outside Bandung, but I had to bury it deep. I sincerely, because I believe that I can share my time for academic purposes and I can always beside my mother”

For the eldest son of two siblings, Allah SWT placed her in the best campus of UPI Bandung, which allows her to always accompany her mother to “stop by” at the hospital, every Wednesday and Sunday. Lani still remembers it, where she queued for thesis guidance on Wednesday with her friends in the Agro-industrial Technology Education study program.

Not infrequently, when he had the last turn of coaching or was in the middle, there was always a call that came in, “Can you go to the hospital?”, and she immediately put down her bag and went to see my mother. One thing she always thinks about is she never knows how old a person is, whether it’s her age or his parents.

Feeling heavy? Of course, when she was asked to hurry up and focus on preparing for the undergraduate exam, she realized that someone was waiting and accompanied her. But, again she always remembers that the mandate never chooses the wrong shoulder, and Allah gives the other shoulder to just lean on for a while, it is friends who strengthen, support and always encourage.

So, what are the tips so that you can complete your studies in a relatively fast time with the highest judicium acquisition on the last thesis exam?

“I am not a genius, just an ordinary person who always has the desire to make my parents happy. That’s all the conditions”.

“Don’t bother with just judging, but let’s start working. When you feel lazy, remember parents who are always lazy to make their children happy. When bored, remember parents who are always tireless to always be able to pray for their children. Even if you feel tired, remember parents who don’t know the tired to always meet their children’s needs. Also, never be afraid to fall in love with the organization because it has learned that I manage my time well. Never create an internal sense of ambition for something, but create a sense of ambition. Slow but sure. Don’t forget, every step of the way, you always demand prayers to Allah Almighty and your parents”, said Lani who wants to have a happy family and start a culinary business in her long-term plans.

“Alhamdulillah, for everything He has given, also to parents, lecturers of PTAg study program, especially the two beloved supervisors who always provide direction and motivation, and beloved friends who always pray and give support. Alhamdulillah”, closed Lani, who plans to continue the ongoing business and also continue her Masters school in her short term plan.

Barakallah Lani, I hope you will always be a smart daughter who is the pride of her parents and is one of the inspirations.