The Story of The Cum-Lauders (part-16): If You Fall, Don’t Forget to Get Up

Laziness, the temptation to lie down, difficulty understanding several courses, maintaining consistency in the spirit of college, were also experienced by Enjang Rohman, who had just won the cum laude predicate with a GPA of 3.77. But He has the principle that if you fall, don’t forget to get back up.

The original son of Garut, born June 20, 1998, spent his teenage years at SMAN 8 Garut. Then he was accepted as a student of the Agro-industrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program through the Bidik Misi scholarship path, 2017.

“It was great to be able to study at the PTAg Study Program, I met extraordinary lecturers and friends.”

“When I was on campus I used to joke with friends, I want to graduate 3.5 years. But maybe this saying becomes a prayer. Alhamdulillah it was shown and facilitated by Allah SWT until it became a reality. “

During his time as a student, Enjang made several achievements, including being a finalist for the LKTIM UNNES, along with his colleagues who received funding for the Village Development Grant Program from DIKTI 2019 and also received a PKM research funding grant from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020 with Rama Tiyana and Sarah Amelia. 

In addition, he is active in the student organization HIMAGRIN (Agro-Industry Student Association) which has been the committee for 3 periods. The first period was as BEM HIMAGRIN PSDM staff, then in the following year as head of the BEM HIMAGRIN PSDM department.

Subsequently, he became Chairman of the HIMAGRIN DPM Legislation Agency. Enjang feels that many things can be learned while being a manager of HIMAGRIN with millions of stories of joy and sorrow. 

After getting S.Pd degrees, what is Enjang’s next plan?

“Meanwhile, I will work, God willing, if I have the capital, I will continue my master’s studies and serve as a lecturer.” Aamiin, We hope that this cumlauder from Garut will find it easier to achieve his hopes and dreams.

“Dear PTAg Study Program students, explore various things and don’t limit yourself. Life is full of possibilities, just knowing where to look. Enthusiastic and hopefully always walk towards success”.