The Story of the Cum-lauders (part-13): the Cum-laude Trio from Garut

Cum lauders, the name for students of Agricultural Industrial Technology Education (PTAg) to their friends who get the cum laude predicate (graduated with honors), a title of pride for those who are able to get a GPA above 3.51 with a study period of not more than 8 semesters.

Agus Tendi Ahmad Bustomi (Tomi), Enjang Rohman, Rama Tiyana, three students from Garut and born in the same year, 1998, they were also accepted as UPI students in 2017 through the Bidik Misi scholarship path. They successfully graduated at the end of semester 7 with cum laude.

The thesis examination on January 29, 2021, was a special moment for the three of them who passed and became the first three people in their class to successfully obtain S.Pd. How do they feel about their new title?


“Still shocked,”

“I feel uncertain,”

“Still could not believe it,”

“Semester 7 is indeed extraordinary. We are working on various projects, activities at once.”

A pandemic is not an obstacle and a reason to relax, quite the opposite. The online system that is implemented in various academic activities, both lectures, seminars, KKN, and PPLSP, provides special lessons for the three of them.

KKN, which is usually done in the village, is done online in the 7th semester. Likewise, with the PPLSP program, an apprenticeship program or teaching practice that is usually carried out in partner schools, namely SMK APHP (Agribusiness Processing of Agricultural Products), because the learning process at SMK is online, PPLSP is also dominated by online activities. Enjang, Rama, and Tomi take advantage of this condition to optimize the time they have. In addition, the thesis guidance process with lecturers is also carried out online.

The trio cum lauders also had the opportunity to become a member of the bio-briquette development research team together with their supervisor. The research process provided unforgettable memories for the three of them. Research results have been written in scientific articles to be published in reputable international journals. In addition, they are also involved in research on the development of biodegradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) with lecturers and other colleagues in the PTAg study program, as well as community service activities related to the use of melinjo leather.

How do they allocate their time to perform all of these duties and responsibilities?

“If there is time off during PPLSP, we pay to write scientific articles. If there is free time, it must really be used so that all work can be done.”. “I always remember what Teh Lili and Teh Sari had said, if it is PPLSP there should be no reason. “Oh tired,” “want to rest for a while,” you can’t do that, optimize the time. When PPLSP, we must have started thesis guidance with lecturers, try to be able to retrieve research data during PPLSP “, said Enjang, remembering the tips of his two seniors, alumni of the PTAg Study Program who successfully graduated quickly with cum laude predicate.

Enjang and Rama were even busy with PKM at the beginning of semester 7. Both of them and their younger sister, Sarah Amelia, managed to get PKM grants from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. As a result of the pandemic, all PKM activities were carried out online. One of the PKM outputs is a scientific article presented at the TVET conference international seminar in November 2020.

“Alhamdulillah, I feel all efforts, struggles, hard work, fatigue, now it has paid off.”

Efforts do not betray results. When we crave for peak achievement, make sure we are serious about climbing tens or even hundreds of steps to reach the top. Congratulations on the award that you received. Hopefully, it will be an inspiration to everyone. Barakallahu fii kum!