The story of the cum-lauders (part-11): I was (almost) not allowed to enter college

Divya Rizkiyani, one of the students who earned a Bachelor of Education degree, after passing the online thesis exam on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, it turned out that she was never allowed to continue her studies.

“I also experienced the same thing as some of my friends. My parents initially did not allow college because there were no fees. I was immediately told to work after graduating from SMAN 4 Cimahi. I still wanted to go to college, so on the advice of my school, I applied for a Bidik Misi scholarship”.

In 2016, Divya passed the Bidik Misi pathway SBMPTN and was officially registered as a student of the Agro-industrial Technology Education study program. The student who was born in Bandung, December 11, 1998, felt that she had complete knowledge during college because she learned about agro-industry and education. In addition, he met friends who were willing to fight together and were patient in understanding my character, as well as the lecturers who always guided me to provide motivation, enthusiasm to be able to complete studies well. During college, he was active in the management of BEM HIMAGRIN for 2 periods and was the head of the HIMAGRIN religious department for 2018-2019.

She proved this after successfully completing her undergraduate studies on time and becoming one of the first graduates in her class, obtaining the cum laude predicate with a GPA of 3.81. The daughter of the couple, Mr. Subandi and Mrs. Martini, who were initially been still students, did not know what cum laude was. After hearing stories from lecturers and seeing seniors who had achieved it, she was motivated and made it one of his targets.

Is it easy for her to reach this target?

“I sometimes find it challenging to study several subjects. But I believe there is a solution. I finished it with discussions with friends, seniors, and even lecturers. Besides that, the distance from my home to campus is far enough that I sometimes feel tired. But then, I remembered the purpose and responsibility towards parents. In the end, I think that when the obstacles are over, they can be overcome, giving birth to motivation again, and of course, all thanks to the enthusiasm and prayers of my parents and the people around me. “

There is a quote that always motivates Divya:

Learning is not the only goal in our life. But if that’s all we can’t handle, then what will we achieve (Shim Shangmin)

“Actually, the results we get can be reflected in how the efforts are.”

Realizing that she will become the backbone of the family as her father will soon lose his job, Divya tries her best to deal with it. Currently, she is working as a facilitator at PT. Agritama Sinergi Inovasi (AGAVI) and contract for 1 year until the end of December 2019, as a science teacher at Al-Aziz Boarding School. 

Any tips for juniors?

“Study your best, do your best, set targets, if there are difficulties related to learning or assignments, discuss with friends or lecturers. After trying, don’t forget to pray”. Good luck and enthusiasm always. Barakallah.