PTAg Study Program students, again, won 2nd winner in Student Achievement at the Faculty Level

Bonita Firdiana, a student of the Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program (PTAg) born in Bandung, March 11, 1998, she won 2nd winner in the  Student Achievement Selection (Mawapres) in faculty level which was held on February 8, 2019. This achievement is the umpteenth time. After being held in previous years (2018, 2017, 2016 and 2014) PTAg Study Program students won 2nd place for Mawapres at Faculty Level and First Place for Mawapres at Faculty Level in 2013 and 2015.

In this selection, all mawapres candidates who are representatives of each department / study program in the FPTK must go through several stages of selection, namely personality tests, presentation of scientific papers in front of the jury, interviews and intelligence tests. Bonita and six other mawapres candidates from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Family Welfare Education underwent a whole series of mawapres selection for 2 days (Friday, February 8 and Monday, February 11, 2019). The 2016 PTAg Study Program student who aspires to become entrepreneurs and this lecturer presented his scientific paper entitled “Utilization of Bioplastics as Food Packaging Materials to Support Sustainable Development Goals” in a presentation session during the selection.

Bonita, who initially did not expect to achieve achievement at the faculty level, felt that her abilities were not as good as the other candidates for mawapres, and she felt that she had very little preparation. This is understandable because the fourth daughter of five siblings is doing industrial practice at the time of registration and submission of mawapres selection. After the FPTK leadership announced the results of the mawapres selection in the Monday morning, 18 February 2019 event in front of all FPTK lecturers and education staff, Bonita was happy and grateful to God for this achievement.

“Are there any special preparations so that Bonita can achieve this achievement?”

“The special preparation I did for the selection was watching English films to get used to listening and speaking. I made a presentation script of my own thoughts in the form of important points to be presented, practicing presentations at home, and discussions with Mrs. Mustika (mawapres supervisor, red.)”.

The leader of the PTAg study program and all lecturers of the PTAg study program are proud and congratulate Bonita’s achievement.

“Are there any tips for students at the PTAg study program?”

“Don’t hesitate to take part in various competitions, including selection of mawapres. The sooner preparation is better. Sharpen your English language skills with various things around us, such as watching movies, practicing with friends, using English language applications, YouTube and others. Besides that, the most important thing is not to be afraid to try, even though sometimes we feel inadequate and afraid, but try to fight those feelings, and the result is just leave it to God, let His will be done”.
Hopefully this achievement can inspire all PTAg study program students.