Tomi, Bidikmisi Awardee achieved The Best Graduate

Agus Tendi Ahmad Bustomi (Tomi) achieved the best graduate at the UPI graduation on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. After graduating from high school of SMAN 13 Garut, he was accepted as a student of the Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program through the 2017 SBMPTN (State University National Entrance Exam) and got bidikmisi scholarship.

He was born in Garut, July 29, 1998 as the eldest of four siblings. Apart from photography, he likes dancing and listening to music. This prompted Tomi to be active in Hallyu Up!, a student activity unit at UPI, and he was assigned as the general manager of HRD. In addition, he also won the 2019 UPI Achievement Award in the LKTIN (National Scientific Writing Competition) competition category.

Tomi successfully completed his studies in 7 semesters and earned cum-laude predicate with a GPA of 3.86. Along with his two colleagues (Enjang and Rama) became the fastest in their class after graduating in theses defence on January 29, 2021. Now, they have a bachelor’s degree in Education or S.Pd. (Sarjana Pendidikan).
Congratulations. Hopefully it will inspire other students.