The story of the cum-lauders (part-8): This predicate was a gift to my parents

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy with this achievement, considering that it has been a long time since I returned home to chase cum laude. Finally everything paid off, being able to give diplomas to parents with cum laude predicate “, said Lili Nailufhar happily after being declared graduated cum laude at the FPTK UPI thesis trial, Friday, April 26, 2019. This achievement made her the first and fastest graduate (3,6 year) among her colleagues in the Agro-industrial Technology Education (PTAg) study program.

This hijab student born in Krueng Geukueh, August 31, 1997, has indeed not seen her parents and two younger siblings in her homeland, Aceh. During her time as a student, she returned to her home only twice in Darussaa’dah Hamlet, Seunebok Village, East Aceh, which if taken from Banda Aceh is 12 hours away by bus, or 7 hours from Kualanamu Airport, Medan. The eldest daughter of a farmer is trying to pursue her goal, enduring homesickness. She chose to take part in solid semester lectures (SP) during the lecture holidays, switching from even to odd semesters. This struggle paid off, in addition to achieving a judicial score of 3.78, Lili was selected as the 2nd outstanding student at the Faculty level in 2018.

This alumnus of Madrasah Aliyah Ulumul Quran, Aceh has gained many achievements since she was a teenager, including being a finalist in the top 10 national-level Arabic debates, the second winner in English quiz at district / city level, and the first winner in English interpretation of al-quran at district level / city. So, it is not surprising that this student who aspires to become a lecturer is quite fluent in Arabic and English. Her achievements continued until he was designated as an outstanding student of PTAg study program in 2018. These achievements led her to win various scholarships while on the UPI campus, both from the Aceh Government, BNI and PPA scholarships.

Even though she is focused on studying, Lili doesn’t hesitate to do non-academic activities. She is one of the core managers of the UPI HIMAGRIN (agro-industry student association). In addition, this student who likes reading has been a speaker several times in student activities at the Faculty and community service activities. The life experience of students has multiplied after being trusted to be a food microbiology practicum assistant in the PTAg study program and carrying out industrial practices at PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. Bogasari Flour Mill Division, Jakarta.

What was the impression when you were a student of the PTAg study program?

“I am happy because the PTAg study program provides everything needed. I am the type of person who really likes new things, education, also the industrial world. I am interested in how to educate someone but besides that I also want to know how an industry is run. In this study program I got both and felt ready to explore these two fields after graduating. However, there were things I didn’t like, sometimes there are some materials needed by SMK agro-industry teachers but have not studied on campus. But thank God, some time ago the study program has implemented a curriculum revision to make it more relevant”.

Are there any messages and tips for your friends who are still struggling on campus?

“In carrying out our obligations as students, always try to be one step ahead of others, so that we are able to stay enthusiastic. When we are one step ahead of others, that enthusiasm will come naturally”.

“Don’t forget that prayer has a profound effect. Before doing anything, ask the people closest to you, especially your parents. If everything has been done, then the effort is maximized, the results will not disappoint as long as the intention is always good. “

Congratulations Lili, hopefully always inspire. Barakallah