The First Three

These three beautiful Muslimah became three female students, the first to win S.Pd. among classmates.

These three hijab students became the first three people who graduated cum laude in the 2014 class of PTAg study program students. These three warrior heroes became the first three heroes in their class, who successfully completed their undergraduate studies relatively quickly, within 3 years and 6 months.

3 heroes because everything is not achieved with just a blink of an eye or a wave of a hand, all of them are obtained with strong determination, hard work, winding struggles, sincere struggles from parents and sincere friend support.

That afternoon became the happiest and most moving moment for the three hero fighters, when the Deputy Dean of the FPTK as the head of the Friday Session examination, April 6, 2018, read out his third court decree: “Lani Meita Indah Furi, finished with a GPA of 3.76; Astiyani graduated with GPA 3.72; Artika El Sonia graduated with a GPA of 3.6. Congratulations to all three”.

Happiness and pride, of course, belonged not only to them, but also to the Head of the PtAg Study Program and all lecturers, as well as friends of the PTAg study program who immediately greeted him cheerfully and warmly, shortly after the three of them. declared passed and entitled to hold the title S.Pd (Bachelor of Education).

And everyone has their own way of fighting. These three heroines also have their own stories, different paths of struggle