Students of UPI Agro-industrial Technology Education Won Gold medal in RAVTE Student Innovation Award

Sarah Amelia, Chintya Nur Faridah & Destia Mega achieved a proud achievement, a gold medal in RAVTE Student Innovation Award. This event was organized by RAVTE (Regional Association of Vocational and Technical Education in Asia), on January 14th, 2022. The objectives of this event were to promote research and innovation in vocational and technical education, to nurture DNA in creativity, innovation and invention that are beneficial to the society, to encourage acquirement of knowledge, technology and skills that are necessary to tackle 21st century’s challenges.

Students from various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia participated in the event. They competed for various award categories including Gold RAVTE Innovation Award, Silver RAVTE Innovation Award, Bronze RAVTE Innovation Award and Special RAVTE Innovation Award. Sarah and team won top honours, gold medal. They presented their research on bioplastics from mango seeds with the addition of lemongrass essential oil as an antibacterial. Their innovation has been copyrighted and the article will be published by a sinta indexed national journal. Congratulations!