Student of Agro-industrial Technology Education was selected as the most outstanding student of UPI

Student of Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program was selected as the most outstanding student of UPI. Muhammad Oka Ramadhan (Oka), class of 2018, won the first place in the UPI 2021 selection for outstanding student (UPI pilmapres). Previously, Sarah Istiqomah, Agroindustrial student from class of 2017, represented UPI in the 2020 national selection for outstanding student and managed to become a finalist.

This year’s UPI Pilmapres system is different from the previous pilmapres where each faculty is allowed to delegate its 3 best students. Oka, as the second winner of FPTK Pilmapres, along with Salsabila Miyazumi (first winner of FPTK Pilmapres) and Isma Nur Afifah (the 3rd winner of FPTK Pilmapres) participated in UPI Pilmapres which consisted of selection of the top 10, the top 3 up to the determination of the most outstanding student as UPI’s representative in national selection. The selection was based on several assessment components, refer to the 2021 national selection pilmapres guidelines, are as follows 10 excellent achievements, creative ideas and English language skills.

The UPI Pilmapres selection process has been carried out since early May 2021, starting with an evaluation of the excellent achievements of candidates until the top 10 candidates were obtained where Oka was one of them. Furthermore, Ditmawa UPI conducted online coaching for the 10 candidates to take part in the next selection process, evaluation of creative ideas. Based on the jury’s assessment, Oka made it into the top 3 candidates for the UPI Pilmapres. At the meeting to determine the most outstanding student as representatives of UPI, June 3, 2021, which was attended by the UPI vice rector, Ditmawa UPI, UPI faculty leaders as well as the judges for UPI Pilmapres, Oka was chosen as the first winner and will represent UPI in the national selection of outstanding student.

Congratulations Oka and best wishes for national selection. Thank you for guidance of the FPTK coaching team as well as all those who have supported so far.