Seminar PTK-PPG Agribusiness, Agricultural & Fishery Product Processing

UPI which was appointed as the organizer of the Pre-service Subsidized PPG (Teacher Professional Education) program in 2017 based on the Decree of the Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education Number 280 / M / KPT / 2017, has established Agro-industrial Technology. The Education Study Program (PTAg) organizes PPG for Agricultural and Fishery Processing Products.

Participants of the Subsidized Pre-Service PPG program are undergraduate graduates from all over Indonesia who have passed the selection and were accepted to participate in this program. The list of participants for the 2017 Subsidized Pre-Position selection has been announced on the PPG Ristek Dikti website.

The PTAg Study Program as the organizer of PPG Agribusiness Processing of Agricultural and Fishery Products has been carrying out PPG lectures since October 23, 2017 and will end in June 2018. The 2017 Subsidized Pre-Service PPG Program, consists of 2 semesters, where in Semester I (23 October 2017 – 23 February 2018), PPG students / participants attend lectures in the form of 6 cycles of preparation of Agricultural and Fishery Processing Products Vocational Schools and workshops for the preparation of PTK proposals (Classroom Action Research). Furthermore, from March 5 to June 9 2018, as many as 20 students who took PPG lectures in the PTAg study program, will carry out the PPL (field experience program) at the PTAg study program partner schools, namely SMKN 1 Cibadak Sukabumi, SMKN 1 Mundu. Cirebon, SMKN 1 Kuningan, and SMKN 1 Pacet Cipanas.

At the end of January 2018, PPG lectures have ended in semester I. All PPG students have carried out 3 cycles of workshops to prepare learning facilities for agribusiness processing of agricultural and fishery products. In addition, from 10 January to 23 January 2018, a PTK (classroom action research) proposal has been prepared. This workshop is intended for workers so that PPG students who are professional teacher candidates have the competence to take classroom action as an effort to improve the quality of learning in the classroom, and so that students have the competence to write scientific papers from classroom action research (PTK).

In the PTK proposal preparation workshop, each PPG student has one supervisor. Furthermore, the PTK proposal that has been compiled by each participant / student is presented in the CAR proposal seminar which is attended by the supervisor and participant lecturers to review the proposal in order to improve the quality of the proposal that has been prepared.

The PTK proposal seminar in the PPG lecture was held on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at the PTAg study program campus. Each student presents his proposal for review by the supervisor or participating lecturer. Furthermore, the proposal is revised based on the results of studies at the CAR seminar as well as suggestions and input from the participating lecturers. Proposal revisions are carried out under the guidance of supervisors.

The Classroom Action Research Plan (CAR) that has been prepared in the proposal, which has also been revised and approved by the supervisor, will then be implemented in partner schools. The implementation of PTK is carried out by each PPG student in conjunction with the implementation of PPL (field experience program) activities, where PPG students will act as productive teachers at the Agricultural and Fisheries Processing Agribusiness Vocational School. During the PPL activities. partner school tutors as well as mentors from the PTAg study program.