PTAg Study Program Students Pass the UPI Student Research Competition (PHKPM) Selection

PHKPM (Student Research Competition Grant Program) is one of the student creativity programs held by UPI as part of the education process. The program is intended as an exercise in cultivating scientific attitudes, professional attitudes by having constructive, creative and innovative thinking that is oriented towards increasing optimal performance in various fields.

The program has the right to be followed by all UPI students, both the Bumi Siliwangi campus in Bandung and regional campuses (Sumedang, Cibiru, Purwakarta, Tasikmalaya). All student research proposals are registered, selected and evaluated. Each group of research students who are declared the first stage of selection must go through the next stage, namely the presentation of the proposed research proposal until finally declared as a participant who passes the selection and is entitled to a research grant.

Based on the UPI chancellor’s decree, Number 8079 / UN40 / KM / 2017 regarding the selection of participants for the presentation selection for the student research competition grant program (PHKPM), 25 student research titles passed the presentation selection for the PHKPM program, two of which were research proposals submitted by PTAg study program students. Rizki Yanti Rahayu (NIM 1500753) and Bonita Firdiana (NIM 1603368) successfully passed the PHKPM selection as well as representing FPTK based on the SK of the Participants Passing the PHKPM Selection.

Congratulations on your achievement, hopefully it will inspire other PTAg students.