Oka Achieved The Top Six in National Selection of Outstanding Students

Muhammad Oka Ramadhan (Oka), student of agro-industrial technology education study program, class of 2018, won sixth place in national selection of outstanding students (Pilmapresnas 2021). According to the UPI Directorate of Student Affairs, this is UPI’s best achievement in the Pilmapresnas event. Oka said that it was a long journey. The coaching has started in the study program since 2020 with his supervisor, Dr. Mustika Nuramalia Handayani.

Oka started the Pilmapres selection process at study program level in December 2020, continued to faculty level on 10-11 February 2021 then to university level in April – May 2021 until he was determined as the first winner and represented UPI at national selection. Furthermore, the student who was born in Tabanan, December 15, 1999, participated in a series of national selection processes (Pilmapresnas) starting in May 2021.

He managed to become 15 finalists of nationally outstanding students after competing with 456 of the best students in Indonesia. The selection process consists of a desk evaluation, portfolio of achievements, creative ideas and presentations in English. Furthermore, in the final round of the Pilmapresnas (7-10 September 2021), a series of selection processes were held including presentations of creative ideas, interviews, as well as assessments and fit tests through national insight tests and attitude observations.

Oka’s creative idea, “Temperature-Time Indicator Film from Anthocyanin Telang Flowers and Cassava Peel Waste as Smart Packaging for Fish Products” was very well appreciated by the jury of Pilmapresnas. At the closing ceremony of the Pilmapresnas, jury said that the finalists took advantage of the characteristics of industry 4.0, data literacy and technology. In addition, their attention to biological wealth is directed to criticality in pandemic conditions, such as creative ideas about telang flower as an indicator of food spoilage.

“I am grateful for God’s grace. I would like to express my gratitude to my parents who have always prayed for and supported me. Glory also belongs to my teachers including Mrs. Mustika, Mrs. Ana, Mrs. Vina, Mrs. Ilhamdaniah, for their sincere guidance. I also express my gratitude to the Head of the Agroindustry Technology Education Study Program, the FPTK Leaders, the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs and the UPI Rector. I also express my gratitude to my friends who always give encouragement and sincere prayers. May God always repay their kindness with abundant kindness,” said Oka gratefully after the results of the 2021 National Pilmapres selection were released by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.