Lili Nailufhar as the PTAg Outstanding Student 2018

Lili Nailufhar, a student born in Aceh 20 years ago, was successfully selected as an outstanding student (mawapres) of the Agro-Industrial Technology Education Study Program (PTAg) in 2018. Curiosity in the research field led Lili to produce a scientific work entitled “Biocharcoal Production Based on Banana Peel To Be An Adsorbent of Heavy Metal for Cleaned Water Processing”.

The scientific paper she presented on the results of selection of outstanding students at the study program level is expected to contribute to realizing one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in terms of Clean Water and Sanitation.

As well as being good at producing scientific works, her ability to use various foreign languages (especially English and Arabic) is one of Lili’s strengths in delivering her scientific work. Not only good at communicating, his enthusiasm and commitment to always try to be even better led this 2015 class student to the faculty level student selection event which will be held on January 29 2018.

Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program congratulates for making even better achievements in the next event. Hopefully with the persistence and enthusiasm of these students who are also hafidzah, it can increase the motivation of other PTAg students to always compete for achievements.