KSL 2017: Students practice making Mozzarella cheese

Students of the Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program (PTAg) had the opportunity to practice making Mozarella cheese at the Field Study Visit (KSL) which was held on Wednesday, October 18 2017 at PT. Bukit Baros, Sukabumi. This annual event was attended by 58 students along with 9 lecturers of the Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program which began with the first KSL session, namely a visit to VEDCA (Vocational Education Development Center of Agriculture) which was located in Cianjur Regency. This KSL is carried out in the framework of the 2015 class of students’ academic agenda as a means for students to have a view regarding the conditions of the Industrial World Business World (DUDI) and vocational education that will be faced after completing a 4-year undergraduate study.

The activity was opened by the Head of the PTAg Study Program, Dr. Yatti Sugiarti, MP. who hope that students can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the industry optimally. In addition, she emphasized that he always maintains good ethics for students during their activities. After the opening, the event continued with a trip to VEDCA, namely P4TK (Center for the Development and Empowerment of Educators and Education Personnel) in the Agriculture Sector which has 7 divisions in realizing the 2025 vision “Realizing a better quality of life through the formation of professional people”.

On this occasion, PTAg students class 2015 (level 3) had the opportunity to visit the Quality Control laboratory and the Food Processing laboratory for 120 minutes. In the Food Processing Laboratory, according to the clerk’s explanation, the production process is oriented towards consumer demand so that there is no production every day.

In the second KSL visit session, Agroindustry students were greeted with superior products from PT. Bukit Baros, yogurt drinks with various flavors. Not only that, some students had the opportunity to practice making mozzarella cheese which was guided directly by the head of the production section. Some of the products introduced at the presentation session were Gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, and several cheese derivative products such as Gouda cheese sticks and Gouda garlic cheese chips. The atmosphere of the cheese industry is unique in that it has a thick rural area. Related parties use this as an agro-tourism area that is open to various groups, not only students. The most memorable thing is being together with friends, because KSL is the last moment of this generation to have fun together before passing the final project, “said one student when asked for his opinion regarding the most memorable thing during KSL.