Competing positively in the Mawapres Audition

One of the prestigious competitions, the audition of outstanding students (mawapres), was held on Friday, December 20, 2019 at the Agricultural Industry Technology Education Study Program (PTAg) campus. The audition aims to select the best students who will represent PTAg study programs in the selection of outstanding students at the faculty level.

Head of PTAg Study Program, Dr. Yatti Sugiarti in her speech said that at this year’s audition, there were actually many PTAg students who had the potential to become candidates for mawapres if based on the parameters of the Grade Point Average (GPA), with a minimum GPA of 3.5. However, the assessment in this audition is not only a GPA, but includes other aspects such as organizational activities (on and off campus), achievements (regional, national, international), campus nationalism and insight, and personality.

In this audition, 4 PTAg Study Program students competed positively both in the scientific paper presentation sessions and the interview sessions. They are Agus Tendi Ahmad Bustomi, Nur Laila Fitriani, Sarah Istiqomah Widiaputri and Zahratul Aflah Fatharani Rahimah Sudianto. The four of them delivered presentations in English and Indonesian in front of the judges and PTAg study program students as audiences.

The mawapres audition is carried out well in collaboration with lecturers and students as the mawapres audition committee. This positive competitive event is expected to improve the academic culture of the UPI PTAg academic community. The results of the audition will be decided in a plenary meeting of the jury and lecturers of the PTAg study program.