Alumni Inspirational Stories (part-2): From Indonesia for the World

“Spices are one of the most prestigious agricultural commodities and are Indonesia’s mainstay commodities that have been victorious for a long time. In addition, other Indonesian agricultural commodities such as coffee and tea dominate the world market, but unfortunately they are only exported as commodities. and was renamed by an Indonesian. Meanwhile, we want different things, we want Indonesia to be known and not drown behind commodity exports”.

“This is our dedication, a passion that signifies our passion, the founders to provide solutions to problems in agriculture. We take each “essence” of high value agricultural commodities as the main core, then process the byproducts with the zerowaste principle. So the name Gelora Rempah Inti Indonesia was inspired”.

That is the explanation from the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of PT. Gelora Rempah Inti Indonesia is related to the meaning behind the name of the company it is currently pioneering. She also added that she inserted the word “inti” as a synonym for “sari”, her name was Sari Nurmayani. The hope is that she can explore all of his potential and collaborate with other friends so that it can be useful for others (added value of natural ingredients).

PT. Gelora Rempah Inti Indonesia (abbreviated as Griin), which was established at the end of 2017, is an RnD company for agricultural products into products that have high selling value and are ready to be scaled-up into a sustainable business. Griin has 3 main pillars, namely Agronomy, Agroindustry and Agro-education which is called the Griin Academy of Agriculture Science and Technology (GAAST). Griin’s current products are oleoresin, essential oil, hydrosol and blended tisane, which will be released in Japan early 2020.

In addition, Griin Academy is a workshop and routine training for students, the general public as well as routine retirement preparation training (MPP) held by government and private agencies who want to prepare for productive retirement for their employees. 

Customer Griin is different for each product, because each product has its own market share. So far, Griin products have been marketed in major cities in Indonesia through online shops, cafes, and sustainable stores. God willing, this year, 2019, Griin opens collaboration with domestic and foreign distributors. Not long ago, Griin signed a memorandum of understanding on the research collaboration on the application of powdered nanobiopesticides with the Research Institute for Spices and Medicines (Balittro) and the Postharvest Research Institute (actual information from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture’s Balitbang).

Regarding turnover, Sari admitted that it is still mixed in all its business fields and is very volatile. Financial Protection Griin in 2019 of IDR 200 million per month and it is predicted that the annual growth will be above 200% as long as all lines are consistent to achieve the set KPIs.

Since its inception, Griin has carried out an agricultural integration mission, namely the Integrated Agriculture Corporation, which was carried out collaboratively. 

“My co-founder, since Griin was founded, is Ujang, who is an alumni of the chemistry education at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. He is a reliable Chief Operational Officer who is able to translate and execute every target and mission from the start. He is very consistent and has a lot of dedication which without his contribution I probably wouldn’t have been until now. In addition, there is Thia (my colleague at the UPI Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program) as RnD Manager, then Afina as Chief Production Officer, Aji as Business development, Sarah as Chief Technology officer, Ifan as Chief Innovation officer and Hadi as Farm manager for the entire Griin cooperative garden. The number of teams and staff is around 14 people, not including casual daily employees and farmers in each plantation, so if we calculate the total number of Griin personnel there are around 25 people”.

More about PT. Gelora Rempah Inti Indonesia, the business currently occupied by Sari, a PTAg alumnus who has just received the first WMP award by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia can be listened to on the website or directly to the iFarm Lantern Site, in Cisarua Lembang, where @ griin .id born, grow and develop.