Alumni Inspirational Stories (part-1): PTAg Alumni Wins 1st Winner for Young Entrepreneurs in National Achievement

Sari Nurmayani, an alumnus of the Agricultural Industry Technology Education Study Program (PTAg), won first place in the National Beginner Young Entrepreneur (WMP) Achievement in agriculture and marine sector from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) of the Republic of Indonesia. Awards in the form of trophies, certificates and cash worth 30 million rupiah were given at the climax of the 91st Youth Pledge Day at the Jakarta Concert Hall, 28 October 2019. WMP achievements are young people who have the motivation to excel through entrepreneurship. 

The selection of WMP achievers was held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia as a token of appreciation for the young generation who are active in the business world and have shown results and have the potential to develop. The event organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia consists of several stages, namely file assessment selection and field survey; interviews by the jury; determination of winners and awarding. The assessment indicators used in the 2019 Achievement WMP Selection were developed from 4 dimensions, namely: 1) entrepreneurial motivation; 2) entrepreneurial character (self-confidence, positive attitude, leadership behavior, initiative, hard work, future vision, risk taking, responsiveness to criticism suggestions); 3) entrepreneurial skills (choosing the type of business, managing production, developing marketing, managing finances, managing business groups, establishing partnerships); 4) business profile (product innovation, turnover, net income, assets).

How did Sari feel after being named an outstanding young entrepreneur?

Alhamdulillah wa syukrilah, I am very grateful to be able to study at the PTAg Study Program, I am very happy to be able to learn a lot at PTAg which has a wide scope and provides a lot of inspiration until now. Thank you for the lecturers who have educated and provided invaluable knowledge. Actually yesterday I received 3 youth awards simultaneously, are from the West Bandung Regent, the West Java Provincial Youth and Sports Office, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia“.

“Of course this is a gift as well as a motivation to be better and more useful, especially in the field of business that I am currently working on. In this WMP event I met many great young entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia who not only work for themselves but they also improve the economy of the surrounding community”.

“I got a lot of inspiration during the selection period, communication between busy activities is the key, the best essence that I get is the many lines of collaboration from fellow participants, the committee and even the jury.”

This hijab girl who was born on August 26, 1995 is quite attached to a number of achievements and awards. According to her, the award from West Bandung Regency on the day of the 2019 Youth Pledge was the third time, after previously he received it when he was a high school student and while studying at UPI. Even when undergoing undergraduate studies at UPI, Sari was selected to be the 2nd outstanding student (mawapres) at the Faculty level, then she set a record at the end of 2016, namely: graduating quickly 3 years 4 months with cum-laude graduation (3.89). What’s the key? At that time, He answered “prayer and hard work”.

Is entrepreneurship stopping her from learning?

It turns out that this actually adds to her enthusiasm for learning. Currently, Sari is listed as a third semester master student majoring in agronomy and horticulture IPB. While completing research for her thesis, she also took several courses in the management science study program to support the business activities she is currently doing. 

What efforts did she make until she won the first winner in WMP?

To be continue