Agrintalks (seri #2): How to be a great teacher

Presenting practitioners in learning, is expected to improve the quality of learning as well as increase student insight. Study Program of Agro-industrial Technology Education, which prepares its graduates to become professional teacher of Agribusiness Vocational High School (SMK), needs to equip its students with professional competences in agribusiness as well as pedagogical competencies.

Agrintalks series #2, presented three teachers at SMK Agribusiness Processing of Agricultural Products, namely: 1) Neng Fatmah, S.Pd., Gr., who is also the head of Agribusiness processing expertise competency at SMKN 63 Jakarta; 2) Eha Julaeha, S.Pd., who is also the head of Agribusiness Processing expertise competency at SMKN Pertanian Pembangunan Lembang; 3) M. Angga Kusumah, S.Pd., who is also the curriculum staff of SMKN 2 Cilaku, Cianjur. They presented and shared experiences about “how to be a great teacher”.

According to Eha, being a teacher is a very noble task, where we can learn new things and practice them for students. The same thing was conveyed by Neng Fatmah, that everything must be done with sincerity, learning to understand our students, so as to create a comfortable learning, as well as, adjusting teaching material to the needs of industry. Angga added that a teacher also needs to design learning objectives and plans in accordance with the school’s vision and mission, be creative with various learning models and adapt to existing infrastructure in schools.

The event which was held on Saturday, April 24, 2021 was greeted enthusiastically by participants who attended the virtual room. Based on data collected from the attendance form, participants were not only from internal (our study program), but also from other study programs in UPI as well as from other campuses. All participants gave positive comments and looked forward to the next series of agrintalks. They stated that this series was very inspiring, useful, added insight, related to learning materials and could be used as preparation for becoming a teacher as well as facing PPLSP (teaching apprenticeship).

See you in the next series of agrintalks with a different theme.